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Easier Navigation with Expanded Content Offerings

Direct is a content distribution website for affiliates and digital partners of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).  Content offerings are from all  BBG broadcast networks;  the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio and TV Martí, Alhurra, and Radio Sawa.   Audio and Video content is aggregated within 60 languages across all BBG brands.

January, 2015 Release Notes

Portal Home Page Redesign

Drive customers to content with prominent Login and Register buttons and the language selection menu with in-language translations.


Secondary Language Page Navigation Added

Redesign above compared to old site pulls banner out of top navigation and narrows top navigation bar.

Find content by Clips, Audio, Video, 720p (HD) and a new programs dropdown menu.  Secondary Navigation is highly customizable by language service with localization support.   The Search box was moved from the top navigation to the secondary navigation justified right.

Left Navigation Grouped by “Featured” and “Filter By” Blocks

Featured and Filter By Navigations are customizable.  Language Services can add or remove elements within the navigation blocks.   Also, Filter By elements have been grouped together with the addition of the Program “faceted search” menu.

Choosing any category within the “Filter By” block will now render only the filtered or faceted search navigation.  If for example, Network “RFE/RL” is chosen only RFE/RL results will be rendered returning only the Filter By navigation.

Television Broadcast Schedule Can be Customized, Reflects Updated Satellite Information

TV Satellite Listing Errors have been updated to reflect the correct names and virtual Satellite channels.   Satellite downlink frequency and coordinate information includes standard Satellite names (Internal names removed) with anchor links on the following page: https://www.bbgdirect.com/english/portal/satellite-info


Added Video Heights to Video Download Links Menus

Now links show heights like high definition sizes 1080p and 720p or standard definition heights 480p.




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Doug Zabransky

Doug Zabransky

Doug Zabransky is the Technical Services Manager for the Office of Digital & Design Innovation.

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