Popcorn Hacktivity Kit


Thanks to @Mozilla for Tweeting about our Popcorn Hacktivity Kit this week!

According to our official site, “These hacktivities will help people learn the concept of procedural storytelling, how to use Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker and how to enhance audio, video and images for the Web.”

Participants will understand that:
  • Procedural storytelling refers to designing stories so they’re different every time.
  • The open structure of the Web allows you to create procedural stories
  • Information architecture is a system of organization that takes into account both how you present information and how a user accesses that information.
  • Story, Vision, Tech {SVT} is a model for creating a web native multimedia experiences.
  • Using data allows you to change the context of a story.
Learners will be able to :
  • Use Popcorn Maker to pull dynamic data from the web into a video.
  • Create storyboards and schematics.
  • Plan a web native story using paper prototyping.
  • Re-contextualize a story by adding ‘data’ to it.
  • Use Popcorn Maker to make a new enhanced audio or video project.

Visit the official ODDI Popcorn Hacktivity site here to learn more and to try out the hacktivities for yourself!

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April Deibert

April Deibert

April Deibert is the Multimedia Blogger/Producer for the Office of Digital & Design Innovation. Follow her on Twitter: @BBGinnovate and @AprilDeibert.

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