The Growth of USIM Mobile Web

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Mobile devices are on the rise and have projected growth in the future.

A recent World Bank report finds that nearly 75% of people on earth have access to a mobile phone.

BBG’s own research finds that 3 out of 4 people in Nigeria have access to mobile, and most internet users in Nigeria use mobile devices to access the web.

In addition, mobile service providers are growing their networks to expand mobile broadband coverage to cover 85% of the world.

This kind of information describes the world in terms of how many people have devices and cellular access, but we have our own information about how much mobile platforms are being used to consume our content.

This short video shows the growth in mobile visits to VOA websites as a percentage of total visits on a weekly basis. The bar on the left shows total visits to all VOA sites that week, and the number of mobile vs. desktop visits. It’s not a complete snapshot of USIM mobile use, but it does give an idea of how mobile devices are becoming a substantial part of the USIM digital experience.

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(The foregoing commentary does not constitute endorsement by the US Government, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, VOA, MBN, OCB, RFA, or RFE/RL of the information products or services discussed.)

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