ODDI Summer of Code Workshop Series Recap

ODDI Developer Joe Flowers hams it up for the camera while leading a developer session at the workshop.
BBG staff test out code on the final day.

ODDI staff test out code with the participants on the final day of the workshop.

Last week the Office of Digital and Design Innovation helped organize three consecutive lunch workshops in conjunction with the Mozilla Summer of Code to help connect and train journalists and developers.

Ain't no party like a ODDI Summer of Code party because a summer of code party don't stoooop.

There ain’t no party like a ODDI Summer of Code party because a summer of code party don’t stooooooop.

More than 20 participants attended, many coming back for multiple days, with the ODDI developers who taught coding skills for journalists and tools that have been built in house, including a video annotation tool called Popcorn Maker. Lead by Adam Martin, ODDI Manager of Technology Services, and Eric Pugh and Joe Flowers, ODDI Developers, the voluntary workshop ranged from learning about HTML5 to creating your own plug-in. Attendees snacked on soda and salty subsistence while viewing source code and seeing how it tweaked the tech tools.

“Seeing our small team engage with reporters, editors and managers from the different services in a way that was fun, friendly and at the same time showed off the talent we have in our office was really inspiring for me,” Martin said after the event. ”Being able to get journalists excited about coding will hopefully lead them to think about their work in new ways and push for new possibilities with their storytelling using the web. Mozilla Summer of Code was a great way to get them started by providing  easy to understand tools and for giving our office a playbook to follow.”

The first ODDI Summer of Code workshop was standing room only.

The first ODDI Summer of Code workshop on Tuesday was standing room only.

Jeff Trimble, IBB Deputy Director and workshop attendee, said to Martin, “I may not ever be a coder but I feel like this is helping me to have a more intelligent conversation about the technology and our future.”

Attendees left with a new understanding of the technology and how it fuels our sites, as well as a new thirst to learn more.

Sophat Soeung added, “I’ve enjoyed learning to see our work in ‘code’, hope there will be more ‘hack’ sessions in the future”

Stay tuned to the Innovation Series blog for more tutorials, workshops and opportunities to learn about development and innovation at the BBG entities and beyond.

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