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USIM Direct

Office of Digital and Design Innovation (ODDI) Multimedia Blogger/Producer April Deibert interviewed ODDI’s Manager of Technology Services Adam Martin to discuss USIM Direct.

Watch the Full Interview [7min 27sec]

Key Takeaways:

1. USIM Direct is a recast of the current VOA Direct product service that will expand to include all the entities and language services that are a part of USIM while allowing each of them to maintain their individual brand identity.  USIM Direct will also help them communicate more effectively with their affiliates around the globe and distribute their content to them using Internet protocols instead of traditional satellite methods.

2. There are a lot of technical challenges to delivering high-quality audio and video content using IP to areas where broadband penetration is ‘low’: leveraging a global CDN partner for caching and networking optimization, formatting content appropriately to provide the highest quality at the smallest file size, and providing rich metadata along with the content to allow affiliates to only spend time accessing the content most relevant to their audiences.

3. Another challenge is facilitating engagement between BBG affiliate representatives, the Office of Programming, and affiliate-level program directors in order to inform the editorial choices that are made that determine what ‘types’ of content are produced/distributed by the Direct service (short-form vs long-form, ‘hard news’ vs ‘features’ etc…)

4. ODDI is building an enterprise-level system (for a low-cost) that is scalable and flexible for the future using a cloud infrastructure and open-source technologies.

5. An IP-based, ‘digital first’ approach to content distribution for a global audience is what ODDI is focused on.


Top Highlights from the Interview:

1. How does USIM Direct work? [2min 2sec]

2. What advice do you have for others who are working on similar technical projects? [2min 0sec]


To contact Adam Martin: OR @adamjmartin


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(Thank you to Adam Martin for his contributions to this post.)

(The foregoing commentary does not constitute endorsement by the US Government, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, VOA, MBN, OCB, RFA, or RFE/RL of the information products or services discussed.)

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April Deibert

April Deibert

April Deibert is the Multimedia Blogger/Producer for the Office of Digital & Design Innovation. Follow her on Twitter: @BBGinnovate and @AprilDeibert.

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