BBG & PopTech: Communicating in Closed Societies

Nov 21, 2011

Poptech has had a long tradition of breaking new innovative talent and we wanted to showcase the innovative talent we have been breaking here at our networks. This year’s PopTech theme is “The World Rebalancing” and it fits well with the work our journalists do every day -rebalance the world with unbiased news and information – and connect people to one another -this is how the world rebalances – when people have enough information to make the decisions that can improve lives. These presentations center around our work with communicating in closed societies – this is what sets us apart from most media organizations.

Watch the videos below to see how BBG broadcasters harness innovations in their own networks and enjoy the talks from other innovators around Washington, DC such as Rob Bluey from the Heritage Foundation, and Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs. Parazit kicked off the day with a live talk from the Poptech stage in Maine: Watch Parazit at PopTech: Arbabi and Hosseini “The Daily Show” of Iran.

Jessica Beinecke “OMG! Meiyu”

Guillermo Santa Cruz “Breaking Paradigms: Bringing New Media to Closed Societies”

Golnaz Esfandiari “A Brave New World of Digital Journalism”

Matthew Baise “Data Visualization in the News”

Ken Berman “Dealing with Repressive, Authoritarian, Totalitarian States”

Ahmad AbouAmmo “Broadcasting vs. Engaging: communicating the news via social media”

Rob Bluey “How to Influence the Influencers”

Bill Bell “11 Things You Didn’t Know Before”

Catherine Antoine “Citizen Reporters Save the Day”

Peter Corbett “Architecting for Social Mass Collaboration”

What is Poptech!
PopTech is a unique innovation network – a global community of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers, and doers from many different disciplines, who come together to explore the social impact of new technologies, the forces of change shaping our future, and new approaches to solving the world’s most significant challenges. PopTech’s mission is to accelerate the positive impact of world changing people, projects and ideas. PopTech fosters breakthrough, multidisciplinary collaborations that help individuals, companies and organizations work together to change the world.

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