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medic mobile

medic mobile

Medic Mobile is using SMS to expand healthcare access in rural areas. In six months, the group’s pilot in Malawi saved the clinical staff 1200 hours of follow-up time and more than $3,000.00 in motorbike fuel. The SMS network brought home-based care to 130 patients who would not have otherwise received it and more than 100 patients started TB treatment after their symptoms were noticed in the community and reported by text message.

More about Medic Mobile from their site:

In the developing world, lack of infrastructure prevents health workers from delivering efficient healthcare to rural areas. As health workers travel from clinics to reach isolated patients, they are often as disconnected from central clinics as the patients they are trying to serve. Many gaps and shortcomings of health systems can be addressed using simple, locally appropriate communication technologies.

Medic Mobile develops and extends existing open-source platforms, including FrontlineSMS, OpenMRS, Ushahidi, Google Apps, and HealthMap. These tools support community health worker coordination and management, community mobilization for vaccination and satellite clinics, logistics and supply chain management, referrals, routine data collection, and mapping of health services. Our technology is sophisticated, but the minimal infrastructure requirements, remote places we work and the over-burdened health workers we empower are more likely to raise eyebrows.

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